Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pearson Brown English Lesson - Phrasal Verb "stay"

Now let’s look at some common expressions using the verb ‘to stay’ combined with particles:

to stay ahead’ of someone or something means to remain in a better position than them

* We have to invest in new equipment if we want to stay ahead of the competition.
* The company is always looking for a way to stay ahead of the others.

to stay away from’ someone or a place means to avoid them, not to go near them.

* I told you to stay away from that part of town, it is dangerous.
* I prefer to stay away from discussing politics. It always causes an argument.

to stay behind’ means to remain in a place after everyone else has left.

* The teacher asked me to stay behind after class to finish my work.
* I stayed behind after the meeting to discuss a few things that were not on the agenda.

to stay in’ means to not go out but to remain at home.

* I’m going to stay in tonight and get an early night.
* We didn’t go out. We stayed in and watched TV yesterday evening.

to stay off’ means to not go to work or school.

* Stay off until you’re feeling better. Don’t come in to work tomorrow.
* I stayed off for three days until I felt better.

to stay on’ means to remain in a place or job longer than planned.

* He stayed on as a consultant after he retired as chairman.
* You can leave school at sixteen but I stayed on until I was eighteen.

to stay out’ means to remain away from home.

* We stayed out all night and took the subway home as people were going to work.
* As I was leaving, my mother told me not to stay out too late.

to stay out of’ something means to not get involved or take part.

* Stay out of this. It doesn’t concern you.
* I’m staying out of this. I don’t want to get involved.

to stay over’ means to spend the night at someone’s instead of leaving.

* Why don’t you stay over? You’re going to miss the last train.
* I stayed over at my friend’s because I don’t like driving at night.

to stay up’ means to not go to bed at the usual time.

* I’m really tired today. I stayed up until two last night.
* He stayed up all last night working. He had an essay to finish.





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