Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pearson Brown English Lesson - Phrasal Verb "come"

These exercises are about using the verb ‘to come’ combined with particles. Here are some of the most common:

to come across’ means to find something by chance.

* Here is an old photo of me. I came across it when I was looking for my passport.
* I love this painting. I came across it in the attic when I was cleaning up.

to come apart’ means to break into separate pieces.

* It broke when I picked it up. Everything just came apart.
* It’s quite big but you can pack it into a small box. It comes apart very easily.

to come down’ means to fall, to decrease.

* The price of petrol has come down since the beginning of the year. It’s much cheaper now.
* She has taken some aspirin so her temperature has come down.

to come from’ = to have as your country or place of origin.

* You know by his accent that he comes from South Africa.
* I come from York, a beautiful city in the north of England.

to come out’ = to be released, to be available to the public

* His new book comes out next month. I’m sure it will be a bestseller.
* Their new CD came out only a few weeks ago and has already sold millions.

to come out’ can also mean to leave a room or a building

* He stayed in his office until he had finished the report. He didn’t come out all day.
* He was waiting for me when I came out of work.

to come up’ = to arise unexpectedly

* I’m sorry but I’ll be late. Something has come up.
* A great opportunity has just come up for a job in the marketing department.

to come up’ = to be mentioned, talked about

* We were talking about different people we knew and his name came up in the conversation.
* I don’t want to talk about it so I hope it doesn’t come up.

to come up with’ = to think of, imagine a solution or idea

* I asked Larry for some suggestions and he came up with a lot of very good ideas.
* I’m sorry but I haven’t come up with any solution yet. I don’t know what we can do.

to come off’ = to become unstuck

* I don’t know what is in the box, the label has come off.
* When I tried to open the door, the handle came off in my hand!


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