Monday, October 24, 2011

Pearson Brown English Lesson -Vocab "Out" Part 1

If you ‘ask someone out’, you invite them out on a date (with the hope of romance between you.)

* I want to ask her out but I am too shy.
* He asked me out on Friday but I told him I had to wash my hair.

If you ‘cut something out’, you no longer do it/ eat it etc.

* My doctor told me to cut out dairy products.
* I cut out going to the gym because I did not have the time and now I am fat.

If you ‘eat out’, you go to a restaurant.

* He never cooks and always eats out or has a takeaway.
* For my birthday, I would like to eat out somewhere nice.

If you ‘jump out’, you come out quickly and suddenly.

* I was walking quietly down the street when this young man jumped out in front of me.
* Stop the car at the corner and I will jump out.

If you ‘keep someone out’, you prevent them from entering.

* There is extra security today to keep the protestors out.
* Please keep out of my office. I need some peace and quiet.

If you ‘leave something out’, you do not mention it.

* Did you leave anything out or is that the whole story?
* It is just a summary. I left out a lot of the details.

If something ‘slips out’, it escapes quickly and quietly.

* I have slipped out of the meeting for a few minutes but I must get back.
* I did not intend to tell him. It just slipped out.

If you ‘squeeze something out ‘ , you get it out using force or pressure.

* I can never squeeze out that last bit of toothpaste from the tube.
* I managed to squeeze out of her that the job was offered to Alain.

If you ‘stay out’, you do not come home.

* I stayed out all night and I feel terrible.
* We stayed out celebrating until the early hours.

If you ‘walk out’ , you leave as a sign of protest.

* When we heard their derisory offer, we walked out of the meeting.
* This presentation is dreadful. I have a good mind to walk out.


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