Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pearson Brown English Lesson - HR Phrasal Verbs

More Human Resources Phrasal Verbs

‘get on’ = to have a good relationship
  • I don’t like my boss. We just don’t get on.
  • The atmosphere is terrible. He doesn’t get on with his co-workers.
‘follow up’ = to find out more about or take further action on something.
  • Before we offer her the job, we need to follow up on her references.
  • The training is followed up by regular refresher courses over a six-month period.
‘set up’ = to arrange for an activity or event to happen
  • I’d like to discuss it further. Can we set up a meeting?
  • I’ve set up interviews with the remaining three candidates.
‘make up’ = do or pay extra to cover a difference.
  • I’d like to leave early on Friday. I’ll make up the time next week.
  • There was an error in your expenses. We’ll make up the difference next month.
‘hand in’ = to give something
  • He’s leaving at the end of the month. He has handed in his resignation.
  • I haven’t handed my time sheet in yet. I must do it now.
‘work out’ your notice = to continue working through the period after you have resigned.
  • They asked him to leave immediately. He didn’t have to work out his notice.
  • He negotiated a deal so he didn’t have to work out his notice and could leave sooner.
‘sort out’ = to resolve
  • We don’t know who is going to replace Sue. We have to sort it out soon.
  • I have finally sorted out the error on the time sheets. It’s all correct now.
‘carry on’ = to continue
  • We still haven’t found a suitable candidate. We’ll have to carry on looking.
  • Until we get the new software installed, we’ll have to carry on using the old.
‘back out’ = to decide not to do something previously agreed.
  • They had agreed to do it but then backed out.
  • He had accepted the post but backed out at the last minute so we’re considering other
‘go with’ = to adopt or support an idea or plan.
  • I think your idea is a good one. I think we should go with it.
  • We’re not really sure which agency to go with. We don’t think any of them are really what we are really looking for.
  • candidates.


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