Sunday, March 3, 2013

A tiring Saturday

Suppose to have a 100 Min chinese lesson with a weirdo on Sat morning, which I was reluctant to do so.
But this girl promised to pay her Feb and March lesson fees, it summed up to 300 Euro and I expected to collect the money by then.
However, she ate her words again, I was really disappointed with her, another cheeky liar!

I refused to continue any lesson with her before she clears her debt.
She started to be nervous and cook up lots of excuses and stories just to cover her shame.
I didnt even want to look into her face, she appeared to be as ugly as witch all of a sudden.
How I wish I can get rid of her as soon as possible!
I found some hypocritical words to "console" her and sent her away.
By the time she left my office, I was so relief although I know I would never collect my 100 Euro and my 15-Euro-Textbook again.

In the afternoon we went skiing with 2 other friends, Roland and Gianni.
My excited mood was all ruined when I failed to hold the tightrope of the Babylift and falled down clumsily with my Ski and heavy Ski shoes.
The worker there didnt even bother to offer me a helping hand and I struggled to stand up like a chicken who is nearly drowned in water!
Real Sucks!
Since then, I lose all my confidence and just refused to continue after I tried twice for about 45 Minutes.
A bad start can ruined all the following activities.
2 bad starts of skiing within 8 years, maybe it simply isn't my thing...

Well, I dont really like this because I wasnt good at all and it was, afterall, not a cheap pleasure.

We dined in an Mexico restaurant and went into bed quite early on Sat night...

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