Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another week starts

Weekend has gone just like that, by not doing much.
Don't have to work on Sat, we spent our Sat morning cleaning the trash and did some drinks and food shopping.
After we cooked our lunch, we took a nap and woke up by my dad-in-law's phone call.
Hubby promised to help him to fix his comp prob and we drove up to their place in the afternoon.
It is always lovely to have some coffee and cakes at my in-law's place.
I love talking with them , as if I can absorb much of positive energy there.

After our afternoon tea, hubby and his dad went upstairs to solve their prob and mum-in-law and I were sitting in the living and chatting.
We had a long discussion about what should we prepare for our house-warming and birthday party on 6th April.
Mum showed me her old cook books and I found them quite interesting.
We came up with a short list of food and I have perished the though of ordering a catering service.

It took nearly 3 hours and finally we heard their footsteps coming down to the living room.
Half of the problems remain unsolved but they had to leave it for that day because it was getting late.
That was my Saturday.

On Sunday morning, I doubled read the translated text for Linda's company and sent it off to her.
Hopefully she will get her website done as soon as possible and we will get out first official customer soon.
She promises to pay me by honorarium if I could help her out by customer emails correspondance in Chinese (if we get any!)
Hope her business will go smooth and I would get profit from this.

In the afternoon we cooked Spaetzle with pork filet together.
We have tried this recept a few times and it turned out really tasty this time!
After lunch I read the comic Verena lend me and fall asleep after finishing it.

So, I did nothing much recently.
But my students are coming back slowly from their holiday and I am going to work more.
However, I still need one or two new students to increase my income.

Yeah, that's life....

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