Saturday, January 12, 2013

KL112 Rally

Heard that the People's Uprising Rally KL112 ended in peace and without violence.
Downtown KL is swamped by about 100 thousand participants which consists of people from all walks of life without taking ages, races, religions, cultures, backgrounds and etc in to account.

I'm greatly touched and impressed by those photos uploaded by the participants in FB.
Although I am not able to present myself there physically, but I am always with those who strive after a cleaner and fairer government, both mentally and spiritually.

The unprecedented success of Rally KL112 shows that our people (including myself) have finally awaken to the corrupted and errant government.
Thanks to advanced technologies and uncensored net, we are no longer blindfolded by main streamed media and government. That's why the rally is named as "People's Uprising".

We love our country and we long for a healthier living environment not only for ourselves but most significantly for the younger generation.
We love our country, we can't bear to see our country goes south. Therefore we want a change.

These are the 10 declarations and objectives of KL112 Rally
10-point declaration
The #KL112 rally, also called the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat or the People's Awakening Rally, has 10 major objectives.  They are:
1. A call for clean, fair and transparent elections with a free and independent press
2. A call for the prestige, image and reputation of FELDA to be saved by guaranteeing its agricultural role in the economy and the land ownership of the settlers.
3. Fair treatment and allocations to Sabah and Sarawak vis-a-vis Peninsular Malaysia
4. 20% of oil royalty to be returned to the producing states
5. To raise professionalism, assure welfare and protect the future of civil servants including teachers and the armed forces
6. A call for a green environment that is clean and wholesome
7. A call for the national language to be supported, vernacular language to be preserved and standards of English to be raised in the education system, with free education for all Malaysian citizens.
8. A call to free all political detainees who have been unfairly imprisoned
9. A call for all traditional villages and places of heritage to be preserved, protected and defended
10. A call for a better lifestyle for women as promised in the Agenda Wanita Malaysia (The Malaysian Women's Agenda)

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