Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kandlerwirt in Oberbiberg

It is a lovely sunday as the sky is as blue as sapphire and the atmosphere is so clear that we can even see the mountains from far away.
It is somehow amazing to see blue sky without any cloud. So pristine!
Actually it has stop snowing since Christmas. Sometimes it snowed, but just for less than an hour and the snow melted away immediately.
I never feel comfortable stepping on muddy roads and puddles, (guess nobody will like it)I rather stay at home having a cup of coffee even I don't have to work sometimes.
I somehow feel relief to be able to dodge the chilling winter, however I miss the beautiful crystalised snow flakes at the same time.
Yes, I know my feelings contadict each other, but this is what I really feel.

We met Olli and his wife, Jule, also their 2 kids David (3 and a half yrs old)and Jonas (1 and a half) at Kandlerwirt at 13:15pm.
We were a bit late and the Casper family was already there when we arrived.
I like the Caspers very much, they are both friendly and keep laughing and smiling all the time.
Olli is hubby's old pal who spent most of their youthhood in boy scout's activities together.
They travelled through some European countries when they were 17 or 18.
Olli owns a computer company and isn't active anymore in boy scout group.

The food was palatable but I was too shy to snap them.
Oh yeah, thumbs up for the choices as well.
The restaurant is not a normal restaurant which provides certain kind of standard meals.
Since they rear their own livestock, you can get meals cooked with beef, veal, mutton, porks and etc.
I had 2 big pieces of tender juicy veal cutlets,while hubby voted for grilled mutton which looked really tempting. I was totally content with my food.
Olli went for grilled veal and Jule ordered Roulade.
Each of the meal came with a plate of fresh salad and a big portion of vege dumpling.
In Europe, seems like salad makes an excellent complement to any dish.
After a satisfying lunch, Jule was craving for dessert.
Hubby and I opted out since we were totally stuffed with our lunch.
Instead of cake, we ordered coffee.

For me, it was a luxurious weekend.
We dined out twice this week and cost us almost 70 Euro for 2 meals.
But since hubby never complaint about that, I will of course pretend to be alright with it. Haha!

After lunch, we took a walk around the small village.
The village is small, yet serene and peaceful.
I am sure those village kids will have a wonderful unforgettable childhood living here.
Sometimes I do think of living at the countryside and go for a very simply life.
But I dare not say that I will be satisfy with this kind of life.
No more dining out? (ok, not to exaggerate, maybe once or twice a month)I couldn't imagine.
I would like to keep my job, but I will definitely refuse to drive an hour car just to get to work.

It was a wonderful day, but I feel somehow down because my weekend is going to end now...
Monday Blue, argh..hate it!

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