Monday, February 11, 2013

CNY 2nd Day

We were invited for dinner by in-laws on CNY eve.
Though I wasn't sure if mum-in-law knew that it was NY eve, but I was somehow moved by her invitation.
It was also sort of reunion dinner for me, but with my another family members here in Germany.
We chatted until late at night and went back home around midnight.

On the first day of CNY, it was surprisngly sunny here despite the white landscape outside the window and falling temperature.
We woke up quite late on that day, and I suggested to have late breakfast in the Cafe near our house.
Honest speaking, we haven't had breakfast outside before, except on our holiday trip.
I needed some small changes in life sometimes, and a gasp of fresh cold air do me good.

Then we spent the rest of our Sunday at home, hubby was busy doing some bureaucratic works and I was hanging around in internet doing nothing.
I made a few phone calls and chatted nearly 1 and a half hour with Connie in Bremen.
It was great to hear the latest news from some family members and friends.
I usually dont like making phone calls but this special occassion is an exception. LOL
But I finished the thriller by Agatha Christie, which was a Christmas present from Barbara, my student.

Hubby had running nose during night.
He woke up few times to clean his nose and the next morning he has to travel to another state for a meeting and stays overnight there.
Pity him!

I have only 10 working hours this week.
There is still no news from IMB and no new requests for chinese lessons.
Quite disappointing but I think should be patient.
Hopefully my income would remain the same as last year...

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