Sunday, February 3, 2013

Flight ticket booked!

I've booked my flight ticket back to M'sia yesterday, hooray!
It has been one and a half year since my last visit to Malaysia and thus, I have decided to stay more than 3 weeks there.

Called home this morning just to tell my mum that I've confirmed my date flying back.
Seems like she was in a very good mood and we talked for 45 minutes.
I start thinking about what souviniers and presents should I bring back to M'sia.
Mum told me that dad is very fond of the little crystal ball that they bought in Germany last year.
Mum hanged one of the crystal ball in the living hall and it looks impressively pretty when the sunlight is reflected through the crystal on the wall.
So, I decided to buy another set of crystal balls for dad, maybe he can also give it away to other friends or relatives.

I have already got my cousine a cool Mini Cooper wireless mouse and my sister a pair of cute lil rabbit headset.
Honest speaking, nothing is cheap in Germany, especially those unique gifts.
Well, we do have to pay for creativity and esthetic creation, but I dont mind paying it as long as I am afford to do so and the receivers are happy with them.

There is nothing much to do at work and it worries me a little.
However, there is nothing better than counting down the date of reunion with my love ones!

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