Tuesday, February 5, 2013


A sentimental email from my one and only brother makes me reminiscent of our childhood and youth time before CNY.
When I try to recall the memories, I could conjure up images of my family gathered in the living room watching TV program on the night of new year eve. We chatted happily while chewing the crispy prawn crackers, one of our favourite snacks which will only be served during CNY, and drank soft drinks as much as we can.

It was so ordinary, just like another normal family celebrating CNY.
But now I realise that this kind of ordinary life and family reunion have been so far away from me.
My tears drop when I read the last two lines of the email.
I have saved my tears for so many years avoiding to think of those things which may makes me feel sorr.

I hope I could make it soon in the future...

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