Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Night but No Fever

Thanks God, it's Friday!
But my weekend makes no different for me since hubby is away for his scout activity from Friday to Sunday night.
Actually we stay at home most of the time during weekend especially in winter, (maybe just for a brisk walk to the nearest backery to savour a piece of cheese cake) but I feel comfotable with his companion, even though we are doing our own chores.

Feel like going out for a coffee? I don't want to disturb friend's family day. Furthermore, except Connie I don't feel like contacting any other friends in Munich.
Feel like going out for shopping? I'm sure the tour will end up in vain because I am too indecisive, and the main reason is, I am ALONE.
Feel like going out for a walk? body automatically recoil from the piercing cold weather.

So, I decided to do some winter cleaning at home just to kill my time.
It is again another week, time flies like an arrow and sometimes I think that I am wasting so much time by being simply uproductive...

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