Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The video of domineering Miss Listen and brave Uni student Miss Bawani goes viral in internet unexpectedly and now becomes the hittest topic in the town.
The arrogant and aggresive attitude of the female speaker Miss Listen exasperates lots of Malaysian and they demanded Miss Listen to apologise to Miss Bawani (which I think on no account will she yield to the pressure from outside).

The lecture was held by one of the student domitories in UUM discussing some political outbreaks and the role of Uni student in political field.
Bawani, a second year law Indian student, was irritated starting from the beginning of the lecture since the speaker considered Bersih Rally as illegal and despised the supporters of Bersih.

During Q and A section, Bawani raised some questions and the speaker Sharifah tried to stop her from speaking by demanding her to "listen", which Sharifah repeated for not less than 10 times according to the video.
Bawani refused to bow to Sharifah and keep continuing asking her question.
Her act has obviously annoyed Sharifah who has very low EQ and even under the watchful eyes of all audiences Sharifah snatched the microphone from Bawani.

I wonder how could people (bitch) like Sharifah who respect a foreign word for her is qualified to be a lecturer or speaker on this kind of events.
Feel ashamed of those rude and aggresive reactions from Sharifah!

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