Saturday, January 26, 2013

Old memories

Woke up at 8:30 am and picked up my parcel at post office after breakfast.
I've ordered a red mini-cooper wireless mouse for my cousin as his birthday present.
It costs me about 50 EUR, but I don't care because precious moments are pricessless.
(However, the product slightly dissapoint me because it doesn't really meet my expectation. It just looks nice on the ad, but in fact the quality isn't as good as it seems... )
I really enjoy seeing the scene when  joy written all over the faces of those who I love.
That's the reason why I am willing to spend more money for buying presents instead of purchasing something for myself.
Giving out gifts brings me lots of joy and the happiness doubled.

At 10 am I started to vacumm the cellar, ground floor and first floor.
I didn't do any further cleaning up jobs but the vacumm alone took up one and a half hour!
Somehow some old memories before CNY conjure up...
As kids, we used to help our mother CNY preparation.
We wrote greeting cards, decorated our house with red packages and any CNY-related articles, wiped the dusts, cleaned our rooms etc. etc.
I can still remember how the task of changing cushion covers revulsed me...
But now I miss those days and I really hope that I can offer my mum a helping hand now!

Mum seemed to be under stress whenever CNY is approaching.
We couldn't help her preparing the plentiful complicated NY eve dinner, so we always tend to behave ourselves so that mum wouldnt have a chance to erupt. XD
The weather is usually incredibly hot during CNY.
On the first day of CNY, we would visit our dearest aunt who just lives 2 blocks away from us.
In the afternoon, we would drive back to our grandma's house and there we met the whole bunch of relatives (which consist of 10 uncles and aunts, uncountable cousins!)

I tried to avoid friends gathering whenever I could.
It is not that I dont like my fellows, but they visited from house to house doing nothing but gambling...:(
I dont like gambling and we have nothing much to talk about except their jabberwockies...
I prefer to stay at home watching TV, enjoying NY delicacies with my family.

It is sad to think about that....I couldnt even have a CNY eve dinner with them, my heart aches.
Hubby would say it is up to me whether to fly back to CNY, but since I have my own job here, I cant be that wayward and simply proceed on what I like to do. I am no longer a little girl, I have various roles to play in my life.

Deep in my heart, I have make a wish.
If I have my own child in the future, I would like to bring my child back to Malaysia during CNY until he or she admit school....

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