Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wellness Suite

My holidays are going to end!
Actually I have been on holiday for 2 weeks and start to feel a bit bored. XD
It has been rainning for some days and this gloomy weather bereaves me of my desire going out.

Well, when think of going back to normal daily life (main thing is going back to work!), it doesn't make me feel any better although I have had enough rest and fussing up and down the whole time. 
That is the worse part why I "hate" holidays because you have to adjust yourself both mentally and physically at the same time.
(Did I ever mention that I have ignored my training section for few weeks already?)

Hubby and I decided to spend 2 days in a so-called 'luxurious wellness suite' located at Mietraching (30km from our place).
It was the most expensive hotel room we have ever paid for until now.
199 EUR per night and we reserved it for 2 nights.

The interior design is not worth mentioning, just as simple as it seems.
But what make it so expensive and special is, it has a private steam bath room, a sauna room and a whirlpool attached!

Hubby was totally excited after we browsed through their website (which only 2 photos provided!) and wanted to reserve it for 3 nights at first.
But I insisted on 2 nights because I can foresee that we will soon feel bored, and guess I got it right!
It was rainning non stop and we didnt even want to venture out to have drink at night.:(

And how was our short holiday in this Wellness Suite?
Hmm...It was OK and Im happy that we tried it. But Im not sure whether I would like to do it again.
199 EUR, it is simply too expensive!

Here are some pics:

Oh yes. We did make full use of the kitchen by cooking twice in 2 days!

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