Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday jaunt - Geocaching

It was a fun family outing despite the chilling minus 4 Celcius weather!
Hubby gave Papa a not-too-cheap GPS device as birthday and Christmas present 2 years ago hoping that Papa will have some fun with it.
Unfortunately Papa hasn't have the chance to operate it and of course, he hasn't explore the fun of using it.
So, hubby decided to organise a 'Geocaching' day out with him by using GPS system.

Geocaching becomes one of the famous outdoor activities here in Germany.
It is kind of treasure-hunt like activity which doesn't cost you anything, yet brings lots of excitement and joy for the participants.
According to Wikipedia, Geocaching is first played in May 2000.
To start your mini venture, you need to register yourself at the website (which is free of charge) and look for the places where the 'treasure' is located.
There are different levels and we choose the easiest one in the vicinity of our house.
The more difficult levels require participant to solve some questions.
The easiest one functions like following:

After we have choosen the location, we got a coordination code which shows the exact location of the treasure.
We simply need to go there and look for the treasure.
For beginners, you can also look it up in Google Maps before you go and hunt for it without GPS device.
It wasnt as easy as we though, but since it was the easiest level, we were still able to find it out within half an hour.

The so called treasure is actually a little Tupperware box which contain a lot of other small things which left by the former participants who found it.
There is also a small notebook where all the participants who successfully completed their task write down their name and date as memory.

I was the one who found the box. :)
It was hidden in a hole between 2 big trees covered with leaves and snow.
We are glad that both Papa and Mama were content with the game and family outing....

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