Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking back and moving forward

I seem to have a very selective recall of past events in 2012.
But one thing I can be sure of is,  the older I am, the more oblivious I have become.

Looking back on the past year, I am very grateful for what I have been given and what I have achieved, even though they are not worth mentioning.

Parents in the town!

The biggest acheivement of the year of 2012 was that my parents were here in Germany!

The word "gratitude" cant even describe how I feel towards my dearest sister for her financial, mental and physical support. She is such a darling although we were not that close during our childhood and teenage time. Since I am married and have settled down in Germany, we are getting closer thanks to modern technologies.
I always feel a twinge of guilt whenever I thought about my sist because it seems like I've never stand up for her when we were young and I didn't carry out my duty well enough as an elder sister.
However, I know she will understand and we love each other.

Last but not least, I'm particularly grateful to my hubby for his patience and support.

About Health 

I was healthy throughout the year despite some small harmless illness.
I visited my gynaecologist accompanied by Con for the very first time in my life.  Everything is OK.
In August, I finally bought a digital scale with body fat measurement which I've longed for for a long time. (and I "sucessfully" maintain my weight at about 55kg + -)

Work, work, work

Did 7 intercultural trainings in 2012. Actually I am getting used to it and I love the task, just that sometimes I can't express myself exactly by using German. Luckily most of the participants are friendly and nice to me.

Zhong Wen Guan remains more or less the same.
This year I have another problematic student Oliver who still owes me 220 Euro for over half a year.
Since I have taken lesson from 2011 (I was so angry about that brazen bastard that time), this time I react calmly and peacefully. Well, this is just some money (material) that I can earn back in the future, why should I fret away my life with those kind of trivial thing?

Rooms for improvement

~ Bestow less time to unpredicatable and uncertain future.
~ Laziness has made my english and german lag behind! Of course english is the worse case since I hardly use it and need it in my daily life. I've decided to join some german courses if I am able to get a suitable one. I hope I am able to write at least once a month an english blog like this, just to brush up my english...
~ I should do more exercises and live a healthier life. More water, vege and fruits!

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